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Woodcock-Johnson® III Tests of Cognitive Abilities
Woodcock Johnson III

Dr. Richard W. Woodcock, Dr. Kevin S. McGrew, and Dr. Nancy Mather

Type: Cognitive abilities
Purpose: Provides a comprehensive system for measuring general intellectual ability, specific cognitive abilities, scholastic aptitude, oral language, and academic achievement.
Ages: 2 to 90+ years
Times: Varies, about 5 minutes per test; Cognitive Standard 7 tests (35–45 minutes); Achievement Standard 11 tests (55–65 minutes).
Scoring: WJ III Compuscore® and Profiles Program and Report Writer allow you to score and report quickly and easily.

Woodcock-Johnson® III Private Training

Richard Reid, Jericho, VT
E-mail: richr@consultant.com


Richard R. Reid is a licensed School Psychologist with 20 years experience working in public schools. He is also and Adjunct Faculty Member at the University of Vermont where he teaches at the graduate level within the Special Education Department. His courses focus on student assessment and include Administration and Interpretation of the Woodcock-Johnson® Psychoeducational Battery, a summer course that is filled beyond class limits each year. Mr. Reid has utilized the WJ-R® in student assessment for the past ten years and brings a wealth of practical information to his presentations. He has been described as an engaging, fun, and informative presenter who has experience and understands the complexities and demands of day-to-day life within a school setting. Mr. Reid believes that the skilled administration and interpretation of technically sound assessment instruments can lead to valid and effective educational interventions that are readily employed within the general education curriculum.

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