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Woodcock-Johnson III Normative Update (WJ III NU) Tests of
Cognitive Abilities As districts explore RTI models for students at risk of developing learning problems, the use of valid and reliable assessments to identify cognitive factors contributing to academic difficulty is critical. The WJ III NU Tests of Cognitive Abilities is a comprehensive, individually administered cognitive assessment that identifies strengths and weaknesses in cognitive abilities, processes, and academic performance to assist professionals in the diagnosis of disabilities or noncognitive factors.

The WJ III NU Tests of Cognitive Abilities contain the greatest breadth of cognitive abilities of any standardized body of tests. They are based on the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) theory of cognitive abilities, which combines Cattell’s and Horn’s Gf-Gc theory and Carroll’s three-stratum theory. The WJ III NU provides the most comprehensive assessment available for understanding the structure of human cognitive abilities based on the CHC framework.

This highly sophisticated, yet flexible assessment system is based on a multi-level approach that helps practitioners understand and interpret complex cognitive processes by breaking them down into their components. This allows professionals to assess and contrast the performance in a variety of conditions and then draw conclusions about relative strengths and weaknesses in the individual’s use of underlying processes. This comparison of relative strengths and weaknesses among abilities may suggest individual differences in information processing that are important to consider when determining the nature of a learning problem or disability. A detailed understanding of abilities facilitates the development of targeted interventions.

The WJ III NU Tests of Cognitive Abilities Standard Battery consists of 10 tests and contains 6 clusters. The Extended Battery includes 10 additional tests, and contains 14 clusters. Depending on the purpose and extent of the assessment, examiners can use the Standard Battery alone or in conjunction with the Extended Battery. Further extensions may be gained by though the use of the Diagnostic Supplement.


Professionals use the WJ III NU Tests of Cognitive Abilities to:
  • Measure basic psychological processes
  • Diagnose learning disabilities
  • Plan individual educational programs across a variety of settings
  • Determine ability discrepancies
  • Conduct research