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Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales (SB5), Fifth Edition
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales

Gale H. Roid

Type: Cognitive ability assessment
Purpose: Individually administered assessment of intelligence and cognitive abilities
Measures: Fluid Reasoning, Knowledge, Quantitative Reasoning, Visual-Spatial Processing, Working Memory
Ages: 2 to 85+ years
Times: Approximately 5 minutes per subtest
Scoring: SB5 ScoringPro

Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales Private Training

Todd Fletcher, Tuscon, AZ
E-mail: toddf@u.arizona.edu


Dr. Todd Fletcher is an Associate Professor in the Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology at the University of Arizona. He is the coordinator of the Program in Bilingual Multicultural Learning Disabilities and advises students enrolled in this concentration in the Master’s, Educational Specialist, and Doctoral degree programs.

Dr. Fletcher is a graduate of the University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico. He served as the coordinator for the development of the Woodcock-Johnson®—Revised (WJ-R®) into Spanish, coordinating the norming and standardization of the Batería Woodcock-Muñoz—Revisada in countries throughout Latin America. He has provided numerous workshops on the Woodcock-Johnson® III, WJ-R, Batería-R, and other bilingual instruments.

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