easyCBM Compatibility with Various Browsers and Mobile Devices

easyCBM is a proven web-based benchmark and progress monitoring assessment system.  Because there are small differences among web browsers, we have carefully selected those that best deliver consistent high quality and ensure ease of use—our key technology goals—for use with the system. Although the easyCBM website can be opened with many browsers, it works best only with the recommended browsers. System requirements for easyCBM are:

  • Browsers:
    • Microsoft Windows®: Mozilla Firefox® 3.0+. Internet Explorer® 7.0+, Chrome 22+
    • Mac®: Safari® 2.0+, Firefox 3.0+, Chrome 22+
  • JavaScript enabled
  • PDF viewer (Adobe® Acrobat Reader)
  • Flash (used in training section, and online math tests for the read-alouds)
  • Spreadsheet program (for viewing CSV exports of student scores)

In addition, easyCBM has been designed to operate on iOS devices using the included Safari browser and a network connection, with full functionality. In particular, this feature is useful to reduce cost and time associated with administering the one-on-one assessments (early literacy, passage reading fluency), as data entry can be completed concurrent with administering the timed one-minute measures.  Students can take all the computer-administered measures (reading comprehension, vocabulary, math) using iOS mobile devices, with responses stored on the secure online database and scored immediately, just as with laptop and desktop applications.