Large-Scale Assessments

Riverside has collaborated with over half of U.S. states to provide assessment programs designed to meet their specific, large-scale testing needs.

Riverside’s rich history of over 90 years in serving the education community with time-tested products and services, such as Iowa Assessments™, makes them a perfect choice for fulfilling the custom needs of large-scale assessment programs.

Riverside full-service state programs include:

  • Custom content developed and aligned to state standards
  • Fast, accurate turnaround of results
  • Flexibility to meet state needs and changes in legislation
  • Strong program management and responsive customer service
  • Psychometrically sound, time-tested assessment products
Large-Scale Assessments

Arkansas Uniform School Readiness Screener

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) uses the Qualls Early Learning Inventory® (QELI®) statewide as a uniform school readiness screener. This screener is used to assess readiness for Kindergarten students and those grade 1 students who are entering school for the first time. Riverside produces materials, scores the inventories using Arkansas-specific norms, and produces district and statewide reports.



Arkansas Augmented Norm-Referenced Test - Grades 3-8 Benchmark

The Arkansas Department of Education (the ADE) is charged with delivering the Arkansas Augmented Benchmark Examinations Program (Benchmark) in Grades K-9. The Benchmark is designed as a challenging, reliable, and valid assessment of student achievement, combining norm-referenced and criterion-referenced items in Grades 3-8 and stand-alone norm referenced tests (NRT) in Kindergarten and Grades 1, 2, and 9. For the program, Riverside serves as a subcontractor to Questar Assessment Inc. in providing Iowa Assessments as the norm-referenced testing component.


Dallas, TX Independent School District—Norm-Referenced Testing Program

Dallas Independent School District administers Iowa Assessments in their norm-referenced testing program in grades K–9 to measure grade-to-grade academic growth. The tests are also used for diagnostic purposes, student placement into Gifted and Talented programs, and for program evaluation. Spanish-speaking students in the District’s Bilingual Education program in grades K–6 also take Logramos®, Riverside’s achievement test in Spanish that is built on a blueprint that is parallel to that for Iowa Assessments. Riverside produces and distributes all test materials and supports district-level scanning and report production by providing proprietary software programs.



Georgia Online Assessment System

The Georgia Department of Education has implemented an online assessment system so that teachers and students can have access from any Internet connection to tests and test questions that are aligned to Georgia standards. The system allows students and teachers a flexible method to take charge of their proficiency. Riverside supplies the State with a complete assessment solution that uses web-based delivery and state-of-the-art technology for automated reporting and analysis of tests. Each year over a million tests are delivered to Georgia students through this system. Support services, including comprehensive program management, regional training workshops, and help desk services for all user levels, are also provided by Riverside.


The Iowa Tests

Iowa Statewide Assessment Program

Iowa Testing Programs at the University of Iowa supports the longest-running statewide assessment program in the United States. In this cooperative program, the Iowa Assessments are administered to students in Kindergarten through grade 12 and used by Iowa schools and the Iowa Department of Education for a variety of purposes. Assessment results are used for formative purposes to identify strengths and weaknesses of individuals and groups. They also provide information about student proficiency relative to core content standards, student growth relative to expectations, and "on track" interpretations about college and career readiness. Riverside supports this program in processing, scoring and reporting of assessment results.



Kentucky Norm-Referenced Test

The Kentucky Department of Education is administering the Reading and Mathematics subtests from Iowa Assessments to all students in grades 3-7 in spring 2010 and 2011. This new testing program, which is legislatively mandated, will provide information about how Kentucky students perform compared to students in the national standardization sample.



integrated Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (iLEAP)

The Louisiana Department of Education is using an augmented norm-referenced testing model to comply with federal No Child Left Behind mandates. This comprehensive solution allows Louisiana educators to measure student proficiency of state standards as well as Louisiana student achievement compared to a national norm sample. In this program, Riverside serves as a subcontractor to Data Recognition Corporation in providing Iowa Assessments as the norm-referenced testing component. Riverside staff completed a thorough alignment of Iowa Assessments, and test development specialists augmented the test with custom developed items in English language arts and mathematics in grades 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9 to fully align with Louisiana standards and grade level expectations Grades 3, 5, 6, and 7 will be administered 2011-2012.



Mississippi Assessment of Preschool Skills

The Mississippi Department of Education’s Office of Special Education selected the Battelle Developmental InventoryTM as the State’s standard tool to evaluate preschool children, ages 3–5. As the publisher of the Battelle Developmental Inventory, Riverside trained examiners across the state to use the test and its web-based reporting tool. Riverside also handled all production and distribution of the test materials for the State as well as the production of summary reports for the State. Mississippi can look at individual student results to better understand the specific disabilities of a given student and to meet the federal reporting requirements of the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).



Mississippi Science Assessments

To meet NCLB science assessment requirements, the Mississippi Department of Education selected Riverside to develop criterion-referenced science assessments for grades 5 and 8. Riverside’s test development specialists worked closely with Mississippi educators to create a test blueprint and item development plan and then created items aligned to the Mississippi 2001 Science Framework. Standard setting was held in 2007. Riverside is currently working with the Mississippi Department of Education to write and field test new items that are aligned to the Mississippi 2010 Science Framework. New tests that include these items will be administered starting in spring 2011. Riverside supports this program with a full range of operational services, including materials production and distribution, test scoring and reporting and comprehensive program management.



Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) End-of-Course Assessments

Riverside has worked with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to develop and deliver a series of eight high school end-of-course assessments. The tests provide information about student learning and achievement in terms of the state’s Show-Me Standards and course-level expectations. The comprehensive program includes developing custom test items and forms, providing both paper and online delivery of the tests, setting achievement levels for each assessment, providing scoring and reporting services. Results are used locally as part of students' grades at each district's discretion. This new program has made Missouri a leader among states in the area of high school assessment and has continued Missouri's tradition of providing its educators with opportunities to participate in the item development and scoring processes.


New York

New York Regents Mathematics Examinations

Riverside is working with the New York State Education Department to develop a three-year sequence of new Regents mathematics examinations. Under this contract, Riverside is responsible for developing Integrated Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2/Trigonometry examinations. Operational administration of the assessments, began in 2008 for Integrated Algebra, 2009 for Geometry, and will begin in 2010 for Algebra 2/Trigonometry. Results from the examinations, which are aligned to New York’s learning standards for mathematics, will help New York teachers, students, and parents know how well students are learning key mathematical skills.



Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS)

Implemented in 2003, the Test for Admission into Catholic High School program tests students in grade 8 using achievement and ability tests provided by Riverside. The test results are used for determining placement of students into specific diocesan high schools. There are two diocesan programs in the City: the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens.


South Carolina

South Carolina Grade 2 Program

South Carolina mandates that all grade 2 students be screened for identification and placement into local Gifted and Talented programs. To meet this requirement, students are tested with Iowa Assessments to measure academic achievement in reading and mathematics. They are also tested with CogAT to measure overall cognitive ability in verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative reasoning domains. Riverside manages the overall program including distribution and collection of test materials, scoring and reporting, and pre-test workshops to assist district personnel. 



Washington Mathematics Benchmark Assessment Pilot

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, OSPI, has contracted with Riverside Publishing to develop a statewide pilot to provide an instructionally supportive student assessment (ISSA) system that uses DataDirector, designed to help educators meet the needs of students in grades K-12 and improve their performance using a web-based platform and includes formative, interim, and summative assessments. Support services including comprehensive account management, program management, training workshops for all user levels are provided by Riverside.